Improving the doctor's key skill

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Doctors think of themselves as knowledge workers and we take pride in our mastery of medical science. We understand the importance of continuing medical education ( CME) , because we know that medical knowledge advances at a very rapid pace. Half half of what we learned in medical s...

September 05, 2017

Why did Flipkart walk away from Unicommerce?

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Given that the biggest dramatic event of Indian startup history is unfolding with Snapdeal and Flipkart locked into a now-yes-now-no game of wooing, I feel it made sense to share some perspectives on one important part of the deal which was on the table. I have been an investor in ...

August 03, 2017

Learning from the Snapdeal saga

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I have been tracking the Snapdeal drama with a lot of curiosity, because I am an angel investor in Primaseller, a startup which enables merchants to sell online. How could a company which was worth billions of dollars have come to this sad pass? What went wrong? And while some peop...

August 02, 2017

Why startups need to die

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There's a lot of excitement when a startup is launched, but there's considerable unhappiness and sorrow when it fails. There's often a lot of soul searching and recrimination as to why it failed. What went wrong? Who was to blame? What could have been done to salvage it? This is...

July 23, 2017

Angiograms can be harmful for your health !

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A friend of mine was admitted in an ICU because he had chest pain. He's 65 years old and hypertensive, and has not been taking his medicines on a regular basis. He has had angina in the past as well, but this time it was worrisome enough for his son to insist that he see a docto...

July 17, 2017