PatientsLikeMe funding bodes well for the Indian healthcare industry

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I was excited when I read about the recent funding which PatientsLikeMe raised. While the healthcare is supposed to be a service industry which puts patients first, sadly, in real life, it's something we only end up paying lip service to. This is why when VCs fund healthcare pl...

January 28, 2017

Why medical testing can be hazardous to your health

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While patients understand that surgical operations carry risks, they often fail to realize that even apparently benign simple blood tests can also harm them. This is because tests can be unreliable, but sadly patients don't appreciate the limitations of these tests, and doctors ...

January 26, 2017

Why doctors are getting burnt out

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The general perception is that doctors are extremely hard working. Most patients both admire how busy doctors are and resent this as well - especially when they have to wait for hours to see them. Because they are so rushed, they don't have enough time to listen to their patient...

January 07, 2017

Why entrepreneurs and investors need to wear bifocals

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Every startup is an experiment, and since the future is uncertain , it's never clear which path they should take. Startups are agile and nimble , and they have lots of opportunities, because they are starting with a clean slate. While this can be very exciting, this also means t...

January 25, 2017

The Indian startup ecosystem has matured

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A mammal reaches maturity from a biological perspective when the female of the species is capable of reproducing. The startup ecosystem in India has reached maturity as well using this metric, because we're seeing that people who have worked in the first generation of IT startup...

January 05, 2017

The lazy farmer's guide to sustainable agriculture

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All of us understand the central importance of nutrition in our lives . We know we need to eat good quality food if we want to lead a healthy and happy life. However, because of our multi-billion food processing industries , we end up stuffing ourselves with poisons which end up ki...

January 03, 2017

The e-commerce debacle in India

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When the traditional value investor looks at the financial statements of e-commerce companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal, he's forced to rub his eyes in disbelief. Even though these companies are burning cash and losing money hand over fist, they keep on spending on ...

January 10, 2017