Lessons learned during our entrepreneurial journey

I encourage the founders I have backed to share their experiences, so that other entrepreneurs can learn from their journey. This guest article is based on experiences shared by the founders of Creditas Solutions , @Anshuman Pawar and @Madan Srinivasan. Creditas , a company I have invested in, operates the ClearMyDues platform (www.clearmydues.com)

Here's the short version. Will post the long version later on.

4 things that worked for us

•    "Revenue, Revenue, Revenue": Tracking revenue as defining metric, measuring it in-depth and reporting it transparently to the team

•    "Hire people smarter than you": Building the company, so it does not rely on promoters being Supermen. Hiring people based on potential as opposed to past resumes. A variant of the cliché “Form is temporary, but class is permanent!”

•    "Always be Promoting (yourself)": Actively marketing big and small wins to clients in a format that they can share within their own organisations to build credibility for themselves (and consequently you as well)

•    "Inch-wide, Mile-Deep": Not being spread too thin across multiple clients or multiple businesses; derive maximum value first from those who support and promote you

-By Dr. Aniruddha Malpani

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